OEM Supplier for Folding fishing travelling backrest garden chair to Uzbekistan Factories

OEM Supplier for Folding fishing travelling backrest garden chair to Uzbekistan Factories

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Folding fishing travelling backrest garden chair

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OEM Supplier for Folding fishing travelling backrest garden chair to Uzbekistan Factories Detail:

Folding fishing travelling backrest garden chair

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OEM Supplier for Folding fishing travelling backrest garden chair to Uzbekistan Factories detail pictures

It is a good way to improve our products and service. Our mission is to develop creative products to customers with a good experience for OEM Supplier for Folding fishing travelling backrest garden chair to Uzbekistan Factories, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Luxembourg, Manila, Italy, Our goal is to create Win-win situation with our customers. We believe we will be your best choice. "Reputation First, Customers Foremost. "Waiting for your inquiry.

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    Puritii – Perfect Drinking Water Wherever You Are

    The Puritii Water Filter Bottle is a little portable water filtration system with a patented 3-stage water filter. This little filter filters water as well or better than many home systems. Not only does it filter disgusting water sources and provide crystal clear drinking water wherever you are but it is completely portable. You can take it hiking, fishing, biking, jogging, carry in your car, use it at restaurants, take it with you when you go ashore in foreign ports of call, use it in jungles teaming with bacteria, polluted rivers and streams, drink tap water even when the sign says not to drink it, and have total peace of mind knowing the water is safe to drink. It is especially good for people in the Military who often deal with water supplies from polluted sources (the Navy Seals are using it now) or have to drink bottled water that has been baking in the sun (the plastic leaches into the water).

    I tested this bottle in stagnant streams full of bugs, a swamp, drank out of a local lake off the back of a boat, and even drank from a drain pipe that had a dead Fox carcass on the other side. The water was perfectly clear and almost sweet each and every time and I never got sick. Since we live in the San Francisco Bay area we have a stockpile of filters now….just in case of the next “Big one”. Safe drinking water is one of the first things to disappear in a disaster.

    Why is Water Filtration Important There are a lot of reasons:

    Contaminated Tap Water
    Tap water in the USA is tested on a regular basis and must adhere to Federal guidelines that were put in place 35 years ago. You may be shocked to learn what contaminants are in your tap water. The New York Times did a special report on the contaminants found in Tap waters and has links to testing results by City and State. For example, in Houston there are 3 contaminants listed above legal limits and if you hold your mouse over the 3rd contaminant you will see several “haloacetic acids” listed along with the description. If you want to know what is in your municipal water follow the link below and look up your city and state:

    Did you see what causes the contaminants? Household cleaners, pharmaceutical drugs, chemical waste…the list goes on. The water treatment plants can only remove so much, and if you think about it, we’ve been pouring cleansers and a zillion other chemicals into our water systems for decades – it is hard to filter all that in one process. It is pretty clear you need good water filtration to stay healthy and the situation is only getting worse.

    Endocrine Disruptors – What are they and how did they get in our water
    During all those years of recycling our drinking water there were millions of us taking prescription drugs – did you know almost all tap water in the US contains residues from those prescriptions? Chances are they were not prescribed for you either, and if you are a guy I am sure you don’t want to hear you are taking birth control products. When I first read this report on Endocrine Disruptors I wanted to know if Puritii filtered out Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disruptors and searched for some test results. The good news it does… lab tests showed that tap water filtered by Puritii made the Endocrine disruptors virtually undetectable. I’m not sure about other water filters on the market but I am glad to know when I drink from Puritii I am not drinking recycled birth control pills!

    The next question is what should you drink after you leave your house and water filter behind? Bottled water? Bottled water is not as pure as you might think.

    Facts on Bottled Water
    Bottled water has some fabulous pictures on the bottles showing cascading streams and waterfalls, beautiful mountains and more. Did you know most of it comes from tap water?. Bottled water is not regulated like municipal water supplies and regular testing is not required or monitored like tap water is. The EWG did an extensive study and said:
    “We found chemical contamination in all bottled waters tested. They contained disinfection byproducts, fertilizer residue, and pain medication.”

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    In China, we have many partners, this company is the most satisfying to us, reliable quality and good credit, it is worth appreciation.

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